We are Restar, We Believe in Responsibility Diversity Integrity

Our Mission

To be a brand that produces and develops exceptionally accessible, high-quality, up-to-date technologies and sustainable mobile living products that are different from molds.

Our Vision

We know that “design” is something much more than a good look. While applying the state-of-the-art innovation and design Technologies, we also support beauty in functionality.


Our long-term success depends not only on our business strategy, but also on our company's values: leadership, responsibility, diversity, integrity, passion for adding value, and being committed to our communities, especially to our co-workers.


Sustainability is part of our DNA. Every day, our team helps create a happier and freer life for people living in different geographies. We support sustainable lifestyles with our smart business models.

Restar Group and Gender Equality

We are working to create a healthier society in economic and social dimensions for our children by walking hand in hand with men and women for a better future.

We believe that distinctions such as socio-economic class are a teacher of the capitalist order, and there is no such thing as blue collar or white collar. We try to create an environment that will enable the participation of women and men equally and effectively in commercial activities as a whole, by considering the gender equality in our way of doing business, also our language of speech.
Therefore, our human resources policies and practices are enriched with measures that support and facilitate gender equality.